Why Accounting Services?

Why Should You Entrust Accounting And VAT Return Filing To A Specialized External Company?


• The ability to concentrate on the core activity of the company,
• Reduction of operating costs,
• Service by professionals with current knowledge,
• Saving time spent on submitting explanations to fiscal institutions,
• Guarantee of work continuity,
• Guarantee of confidentiality of sensitive financial and employee data,
• Significant reduction of management’s legal liability,
• Gaining access to modern financial management IT.

Business Intelligent

Business Intelligence Module is an intuitive tool used to create reports and analyses based on data entered into the program, which provides financial and accounting information required for comprehensive monitoring and management of the company. The tool is also available remotely.

Using the Business Intelligence Module you get:
  • Better view of the company’s activities – the module provides companies with reliable, fast and up-to-date information regarding many facets of their business.
  • Decision-making improvement – decision-making becomes easier with clear and sectional data on the business in the form of analyses and reports which enable company’s owners and managers to take action necessary for achieving intended business objectives.
  • Reducing costs of analyses’ acquisition – BI analyses respond to inquiries promptly, while creating even the most complex reports and statements requires only a simple drag & drop method.
  • Time-saving – continuous reports are always delivered on time through subscriptions. The module automatically sends reports with information necessary to diagnose current situation in the company and take appropriate action.
  • Verification of plans’ implementation process – BI analysis module allows you to easily and in one report ascertain a project’s execution phase as well as follow the trends for each of the key performance indicators.
  • Our service fee starts from AED 2,000 for the period starting from per quarter and will change depending upon the scope of the work.